Episode #12: Defeating Burnout: Transformative Leadership and Career Success Journey with Emma Mathews

November 25, 2022 Dr. Gerald Amandu and Ms. Shilpa Joshi Season 1 Episode 12
Episode #12: Defeating Burnout: Transformative Leadership and Career Success Journey with Emma Mathews
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Welcome to another Exciting and Power-packed episode of LeadTalk Podcast.

Today, we are excited to have Emma Mathews on the show. Emma is a burnout and stress specialist, high-performance coach, mentor and hypnotherapist.

Join us as we discuss how Emma overcame burnout as a high flying professional and leader and is now helping others defeat burnout from around  the world.

Quote of the week: "You are enough. You are worthy"~ Emma Mathews

In this episode, we discuss with Emma:

  • Key reasons why working professionals and business owners experience burnout
  • Early warning signals of burnout to turn around before it's too late, and 
  • Negative effects people suffer is they ignore early signs of burnout and continue the grind. 
  • We also dispel three myths about burnout that prevent people from taking action.
  • How Emma's leadership skills and styles have evolved in this journey of moving from being a working professional to an entrepreneur and running her own company today. 
  • Finally, we highlight some of the costly mistakes Emma made in her earlier leadership journey that she would want our listeners to avoid at all costs. 

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 Emmaโ€™s Special Gift: Free Guide to Beating Burnout: 

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Work with Emma here ๐Ÿ‘‰: https://defeatburnout.com/


โœ๏ธThe 5 Levels of Leadership Blueprint to Quickly Evaluate Your Leadership Journey! 

โœ๏ธ Top 3 Mistakes Working Professionals Do and What to do Instead to Revive Your Career

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