Episode #7: The Levels of Leadership Every Leader Should Know and Develop To Achieve Success

October 20, 2022 Dr. Gerald Amandu and Ms. Shilpa Joshi Season 1 Episode 7
Episode #7: The Levels of Leadership Every Leader Should Know and Develop To Achieve Success
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Do you sometimes wonder why your team members do not produce the results you want? 

And do feel exhausted having to guide your team almost to the point of micromanagement? 
If your answer is yes”...you may be operating at a lower level of leadership, which does NOT ALLOW YOU to leverage the immense potential of your team members. 

 Every organisation rises or falls to the level of its leadership ability. That’s why your leadership excellence is critical. Here we discuss 5 levels of leadership you should strive to master to unleash your team’s potential and  build phenomenal teams to support you to scale your business and create the legacy you desire and deserve! 

This Week’s LeadTalk Quote:

You don’t overcome challenges by making them smaller but by making yourself bigger. ~ John C Maxwell 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What are 5 different levels of leadership you should know?
  • Why should you know each of these 5 different levels of leadership? 
  • What  leaders do at every level of leadership and how can you do better?  
  • What happens when you ascend to higher levels of leadership? 

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 Special Bonus:

  1. The 5 Levels of Leadership Blueprint to Quickly Evaluate where you are in your Leadership journey, so you can Accelerate your Leadership Transformation


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    Quote Of The Week
    Why should anyone bother to understand the different levels of leadership?
    What are these levels you’d like our listeners to know and pursue?
    Level 1 - Positional Leadership
    Level 2 - Permission Leader: How it differs from the first level?
    Level 3 - Production Leader: How is it different from level 2 leader?
    Level 4 - People Developer Leader: How is it different from level 3 leader?
    Level 5 - Pinnacle Level of Leadership
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