Episode #1: What Is LeadTalk and WHY You Should Subscribe TODAY!

September 10, 2022 Dr. Gerald Amandu and Ms. Shilpa Joshi Season 1 Episode 1
Episode #1: What Is LeadTalk and WHY You Should Subscribe TODAY!
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Show Notes

Are you a Busy Working Professional, A Seasoned Leader, A Focussed Business Owner or An Aspiring Leader? 

And always looking for the Best and Proven Success Principles , Leadership and Career Skills that take you to Next Level? 

You Are in The Right Place !

In this inaugural episode, we share with you what LeadTalk is and the benefits you will enjoy by listening to the podcast Today! 

In this episode, co-hosts Dr. Gerald Amandu and Ms. Shilpa Joshi, share powerful insights about leadership development and career revival trends and the inspiration to add Value to YOU.  

Each episode is packed with powerful information you can implement immediately in your life, career or business  to transform it and take it to The NEXT LEVEL!

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Top 3 Mistakes Working Professionals Do and What to do Instead to Successfully Revive Your Career 


The FREE Daily Leadership Success Creed to Transform Your Leadership Mindset, Gain Confidence and Greatly Increase Your Belief in Yourself As A People Leader. 


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